Frequently asked water blasting questions


There’s really only one way to answer that question and that’s to talk to you and then, if possible, have a look at your property. We won’t try to sell you services you don’t need and we will give you an accurate estimate with no pressure to sign up. Feel free to shop around, as we believe we offer by far the best service for the best rates in the region. Just call or email and we will get the ball rolling.

We will always try to accommodate customers who need their property cleaned as soon as possible. Some of our treatments are weather dependent but we will always go the extra yard to get your job done when you want it done. 

 You don’t have to be at home when we carry out the work but we will need a few basic preparations carried out, such as closing all windows and taking your washing in. We will leave your place as we found it, just a lot cleaner.

All roofs can be cleaned but different surfaces have very different requirements. Any surface, whether steel, concrete, terracotta or decramastic can be treated with spray to kill lichen, moss and algae and most metal roofs can also be soft-washed to remove debris and grime. As with all our services, we will give you the best advice on how to get the result you are looking for.

Your gutters and pipes carry all the rainwater that lands on your roof to the stormwater drains. Over time leaves, moss, dirt and other debris can clog that whole system, leaving water running down your walls or pouring over your gutters. Not only can that damage the exterior of your property it can lead to water getting inside the structure.

Basically everything from the roof edge down to ground level. So that means your gutter exteriors and downpipes, fascia boards, soffits, walls and window frames (and we give your windows a wipe as well) all get a soft wash and pressure clean. Your whole exterior will be transformed.

The short answer is ‘carefully’. While we take care with all our washing, your solar panels are more delicate than just about anything else on the exterior of your property. We remove the dust, grime, droppings and other debris with a very mild detergent and soft brushing to leave them performing at maximum capacity.

Absolutely. As any painter will tell you, the surface of anything to be painted has to be free from dirt, grease and loose paint if you are going to get a good looking and long-lasting finish.

Depending on the condition of the surface we use a combination of soft washing and pressure washing. The build-up of dirt on these surfaces is gradual so it often comes as a very pleasant surprise to see the results of a professional cleaning job.

Yes. Many chemicals can be harmful to plant, animal and aquatic life depending on their concentration. Our solutions are mixed with water to reduce concentration while maintaining full effectiveness. They are also highly reactive, meaning they bio-degrade readily on contact with organic matter. One of the main chemicals we use is actually used in drinking water in many areas. We take great care to keep our concentrated chemical containers well away from any animal, plant or marine environments. If you have any concerns about your plants, pets or just our beautiful environment, we are happy to talk.

Yes. We have both experience and all the certification required by Worksafe NZ to operate at heights. We take safety seriously and have invested in all the equipment we need to keep our family members secure at work. We can also hire in and operate Elevated Work Platforms if the job requires.

Yes. We have the equipment and trained operators to tackle jobs of any size. We have access to Elevated Work Platforms to reach those difficult to reach areas without the need for scaffolding. All our operators have current certification for working at heights and the best safety equipment and PPE to keep them safe.

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