About Nelson Waterblasting

Previously Jeff Neilson Waterblasting

Our family team

We have a fabulous team

Sean Davies

The guy who does the work

Sean is the youngest member of the team and is the main man on the tools. He takes a great deal of personal pride in leaving your property the cleanest it can be.
Sean Davies, Nelson Waterblasting crew
Tony Davies

The guy who plans the work

Tony is, as he’s often reminded, the oldest member of the team ! He will often be there to help on site and looks after the gear so it’s in top condition to get the job done.
Tony Davies, Nelson Waterblasting crew
Judith Davies

The real boss

Judith does lots of work behind the scenes. A teacher in Nelson for many years she’s a great organiser. She does get out to do estimates and meet clients and has taken over from Jeff as the person who seems to know everyone in the region.
Judith Davies, Nelson Waterblasting crew